The Feds Want Green Farms

By admin | May 31, 2011

The right combination and utilization of increasing ranch and farm real estate opportunities, government green grants, and FSA farm ownership loans can make the road to running your own environmentally friendly agricultural enterprise smoother than you think. It demands only a taste for adventure and a will to work hard on finding and filling out the right paper work. That’s on top of a previously decided desire to commit to the arduous task of managing your own farm or ranch of course.

Traditional farming and livestock raising techniques are notoriously devastating on the environment. The government knows this, and is very interested in curbing the long-term threats of the unprecedented massive state of the American agricultural industry. They’re admittedly mostly interested in getting a proper legislative handle on the amount of ecological damage is caused by the mega farming and livestock operations of major corporations. But therein lies the opportunity for independent farmers and ranchers: the federal government knows that in order to prevent the unbridled dominance of the environmentally indifferent mega farms from continuing on a path toward irreversibly ruining our nation’s air, water, and soil they have to encourage independent farming and ranching operations. But not only that, they want to make sure these sprouting projects have their genesis in energy efficiency and environmental consideration.

Smaller agricultural operations have less incentive to violate the environment, because the profit margins are too small to be affected by the kinds of anti-ecological actions that big farms save millions by allowing to occur. They also by the nature of their size are incapable of the large-scale environmental assaults bigger ventures can execute with hardly any effort. Texas Ranch Homes For Sale with lots of land near Dallas, Houston, or Austin, or farmland close to railways connecting to major population centers anywhere in the country, are ideal places for not only you to start an independent agricultural operation but for the government to invest in one. There will be a time, sometime soon, when the fuel costs associated with shipping foodstuffs with tractor-trailers is going to be impractical. Local agriculture will be ideal.

Look into federally offered Texas Ranch farm ownership loans for first time farmers and ranchers and/or those struggling to get a traditional bank loan. But more importantly see if your farming or ranching plans qualify you for Rural Energy for America Programs – REAP – that range from grants to loan guarantees paid towards farms and ranches to be energy efficient. It’s a long road ahead to nationwide energy efficiency for our agricultural ventures, but if you wish to take the route, the ride has never been easier.

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