Now wait just a minute

By admin | July 10, 2008

Check out this article out of Washington.

A few excerpts:

From Sen. Christopher Dodd,

“My hope would have been that this bill we’ll send them is something the House could support — that’s still my hope,” said Dodd, who crafted the bill with Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, the panel’s senior Republican. “We’re getting down to the time here where we may not get a bill if this thing goes on much longer.”

A response by Rep. Maxine Waters,

“We’re going to fight on this,” said Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who made an impassioned plea for the funds in a closed-door meeting of House Democrats this week. “It’s extremely important that we fight to help the communities that are being devastated in this subprime (mortgage loan) meltdown.”

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